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Equity Asks


Equity Asks™, a movement co-founded by Oni and Anakha Coman, invites people with privilege, power and resources to take action to create racial equity and support the visions, businesses and creative projects of black, brown, and indigenous people. We do this by asking white people to offer their gifts, skills, and social network to amplify and support black and indigenous people of color’s projects, businesses, and initiatives. This is not charity. Nor is this a donation, or performance signaling. The sole, soul focus is on creating racial equity arising from an understanding of white people’s role and responsibility to take action towards this goal. It is one powerful way to align with our humanity, show up and get free together.

3 Steps of Equity Asks:

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First the Reckoning

Know Your Power, Work Your Privilege

  • The reckoning asks that we know our place in the dominant cultural hierarchy and the unearned benefits that are given to those with race, gender and class privilege

  • This step brings us to an undeniable realization that current (and historical) systems, institutions and policies favor and work to benefit some and limit and oppress others


Then the raising

Amplify A Voice, Fuel A Dream

  • The raising asks us to inventory and leverage our resources – our sphere of influence, our network, our skills, gifts and resources – in service to racial equity.

  • It asks us to see to look and see who in our community, workplace, organization, neighborhood can we reach for, raise up, support, resource and amplify?

  • Remember that we’ve got power to move mountains together.

Fists in Solidarity_edited_edited_edited
Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


and the closing

Close The Gap, Make the Ask

  • The closing asks us to show up full of heart in a brave space and make clear direct requests that align with our shared humanity and close the equity gap.

  • In this space we keep asking, keep reaching, keep going and keep getting free together.

If you are a person of color and have a project, vision or creative pursuit that you’d like to receive support for, please let us know.  If you are a white person that has gifts, skills, talents or resources to offer, please fill out the form below.

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