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At Equity By Design, we believe that every person, team and organization has an innate responsibility to grow and lead towards racial equity and work for the inclusion and well-being of all people.  We understand that this critical transformation is lifelong; and asks for daily action and a committed vision of equity. This work is best served by creating new mindsets, becoming aware of social conditioning and racial biases and actively working to change systems, structures and policies that benefit some and oppress others as we create new equitable systems.


Equity By Design programs teach mindfulness and neuroscience-based inner, social and organizational development skills that are foundational to creating a culture of inclusion, equity and respect — a culture where dignity, belonging, safety and well-being are the norm, not the exception. Our deeply held belief is that equity is possible by design and through courageous learning, unlearning and inclusive leadership.


 Equity by Design’s approach is to build real relationships through connection and collaboration. The work focuses on dismantling and disrupting structural racism and intersecting systems of oppression through leadership development and advocacy for promotion of equity, in all forms. When your organization is focused on checking boxes you miss out on opportunities to create racial equity. An organization that prioritizes inclusion and equity cares about diverse perspectives and experiences and ensures that everyone across all identities (race, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, etc.) is welcomed, respected, supported, valued, and served.

To accomplish this we offer Webinar Learning Workshops (educational and informational), Interactive Online Learning Labs (experiential and transformational), and Interactive Online Learning Lab and Training Internal Facilitators Workshops.

The intentions of our work are to do the following:

equity By Design


Develop leadership through a racial equity lens


Call out systems of oppression through a racial equity lens


Build authentic relationships through a racial equity lens


Challenge personal transformation through a racial equity lens


Recognize the discomfort of the racial equity lens


Recognize the humanity of all people through a racial equity lens


Be the change you want to see when showing up in racial equity work.

For more information about what Equity By Design can do for you or you company, contact us today!

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