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Zenzele Youth Project Success!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

"Good morning, everyone! Equity Splash is both humbled & excited to have you here to launch the Zenzele Youth Project. I am aware & I am grateful for every answered text, email, phone call or virtual meeting to make this moment happen. To everyone who prayed, to everyone who understood the assignment, to everyone who stood in the gap, to every positive thought, to every good vibe…Equity Splash wants to thank you.

My name is Oni Marchbanks & I am the Founding Director of Equity Splash. Equity Splash is a 501c3 organization. We are committed to creating equitable outcomes for our Black/BIPOC youth. Equity Splash is a multi-directional organization. We are a grassroots organization who values commitment to equitable practices. We will uphold the richness inherent in difference. We operate from the highest level of integrity and carry out all of our work with the greatest responsibility & accountability. Equity Splash embraces connection/collaboration & creativity. We instill our work with resourcefulness & innovation. Our goals are tangible lasting results because we, at Equity Splash realize the investing in our children is not a one-time event, but it is a journey.

At Equity Splash, we understand the complexities of implementing equity driven outcomes. We commit to working towards achieving those equitable outcomes for the Black & BIPOC community, with an emphasis on our youth, through educational experiences. We strive to create, increase and sustain equity practices that will last for future generations.

I have been advocating for marginalized communities for 15 years. I just decided to give the work that I do a name. Equity Splash has not allowed lack of resources, access & opportunity stop us from leading from where we are at.

We sponsor Small Business Bazaars. You may wonder what that has to do with creating generational wealth. I realized that black small businesses were not visible in the Salem community. So, I started offering Small Business Bazaars as a way of offering visibility & potential capital for products. They have been well received & the small businesses are grateful. We will continue them in 2022.

We connect with our houseless neighbors, in meaningful ways. We go out & have lunch, provide winter supplies & “be with” our houseless neighbors. We offer resources, prayer & referrals. We will continue this for 2022.

We support BIPOC & Black parents/students on issues of discrimination. Equity Splash cares about, not only our children’s future, but we want to change the trajectory of their lives now. Thus, Zenzele Youth Project is birthing today. I understand that now is the time to act. Zenzele Youth Project will not only introduce our youth to STEM careers, (which Dr Satya will talk about next) but also RAMM (reading arts music & much more). African American history & world culture will be introduced and acknowledged in this program.

Equity Splash is able to overcome adversity because we realize that we can’t do everything; but we have to do something. As we continue to build upward, we can use volunteers, mentors, teachers, & the stars of the Zenzele Youth Project…our children. Please go to our website: Get familiar with what all we are doing. Donate, subscribe, like & share."

For more information, email us at

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