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Equity By Design

At Equity By Design, we believe that every person, team and organization has an innate responsibility to grow and lead towards racial equity and work for the inclusion and well-being of all people ... more

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Equity Splash

At Equity Splash, we understand the complexity of implementing equity driven outcomes. We are committed to working towards achieving those equitable outcomes for the Black & BIPOC community through educational experiences ... more

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Equity Asks

Equity Asks™, a movement co-founded by Oni and Anakha Coman, invites people with privilege, power and resources to take action to create racial equity and support the visions, businesses and creative projects of black, brown, and indigenous people ... more


In Person

We accept donations via cash or check at any of our events. 


We accept PayPal donations though our website.

By Mail

You can mail checks to:

1168 39th Ave NE 

Salem, OR 97301

By Email

Please feel free to reach out to us through email, and we will gladly set up your donation. 


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